We challenge the future of DHSC through leading changes

    Let's be first Change to win
    Save even 1 won Change for opportunity
    Let's achieve one goal per person Change for growth

    We do everything we can

    LPG carrier
    LNG propulsion ship
    LNG bunkering ship
    Marine Support Ship
    Coastal passenger ship
    Wind force
    Steel bridge

    We aim for the best in the world

    We aim to be the best in the world in all fields we challenge.

With new challenges and initiative changes, Korea Shipbuilding is moving toward the future.

Daehan Shipbuilding's commitment

To achieve its vision, Daehan Shipbuilding changed its growth direction from'shipyard' to'challenge in all fields that can be produced', and declared a new vision accordingly.
In'All areas that challenge, Global No.1', we will impress customers by becoming the Global No.
In addition, we will become a company that shares profits with employees, shareholders, and local people.